Do you have an online marketplace sales strategy or are you improvising and hoping for results? At eVolveCommerce, we’ve been providing multi-channel marketing strategies to help brands of all sizes succeed, from full-service marketplace management focused on improving SEO rankings to boosting conversions and increasing sales velocity.

Today we’ll share with you just a few simple marketing strategies to improve your returns.

Choosing the right e-commerce platform.

Opening an online store is a great use of resources and you must take into account that the return on investment is not immediate.

Marketplaces are essentially websites that collect and organize information on third-party sellers and products, making them visible and usable for any user who arrives on these platforms.

Marketplaces simply manage sales processing, facilitating the matching of demand (consumers browsing online) and supply (sellers posting their offers on marketplaces).

Currently, the best online selling platforms are Amazon, Zalando, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Alibaba, La Redoute and C-Discount to name a few.

To get started with your online sales business there are several options that you can consider depending on your budget and the goals you want to achieve. For further reading see

Offer a wide range of products rather than just focusing on one or two items.

Why? A wider choice of products gives you more visibility in search results, as well as allowing you to quickly evaluate which products may be most successful in a particular marketplace.

You can start gradually while maintaining a wide range of choice, even if you are not yet ready to place large quantities of your goods on another Amazon marketplace. If sales increase, you can adjust the price or remove some offers to avoid running out of stock just like you would in the Amazon marketplace where you registered. If you prefer to limit your effort, you can initially handle orders yourself without having to ship inventory to an international fulfilment centre. Selling in another marketplace does not mean losing control of your offers.


Develop a successful shipping strategy

Another aspect to consider is the fast and affordable shipping of your products, perhaps with the possibility of free returns. If you have stores in the area, we recommend that you put a Store Locator and involve your retailers for the delivery of the product or, for the return in person.

Promotions: how to make your offers more interesting

Similar to your main marketplaces, Amazon offers you tools that allow you to advertise and promote your products overseas. Promotional tools available vary by marketplace and may include free shipping, discounts, and two-for-one promotions.

To increase the visibility of your offers, you can also use Sponsored Products strategies on Amazon, a pay-per-click advertising service that helps you promote products for sale on Amazon through keyword-based ads. For further reading on Adwords see


If you need further marketplace selling strategies and professional marketplace management and advice on how best to optimise your online business, get in touch with eVolveCommerce.

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