Technology is powering the boom in ecommerce businesses, with major steps being taken down the path to swifter and more accurate delivery times.

Whether customers are buying gadgets or groceries, door-to-door deliveries have become the preferred channel of choice during the coronavirus crisis and subsequent lockdowns. So what are the next developments we can expect to see this year?

The experts at eVolve Ecommerce have highlighted their top five trends for ecommerce businesses in 2021:

Omnichannel options

We all know that the customer is king, so ecommerce businesses need to offer multiple delivery channels to suit different locations and lifestyles.

Some people prefer to have their goods sent directly to their homes from the warehouse, while others are able to pick up packages from a locker or in-store. This has made fulfilment much more complicated, for both retail and ecommerce businesses.

Due to the restrictions posed by the lockdowns, all the major retailers are implementing omnichannel strategies. How quickly can your business offer an omnichannel solution for customers?

Last-mile tracking 

Every customer wants to know when their parcel is going to arrive, but the complexities of the fulfilment process make this tricky to implement.

Currently, the biggest challenge is to accurately predict the arrival time of a parcel once it has been picked up for the final stage of the journey. However, technology is leading the way to making last-mile tracking possible so customers can be given a more accurate delivery time.

Social media

Companies as diverse as airlines and energy suppliers understand that social media is one of the most powerful tools in their customer service arsenal. However, many ecommerce businesses have yet to unlock the potential of a friendly tweet.

With many customers preferring to buy online using a mobile device, it makes sense to allow them to ask questions over social media channels. The benefits are that complaints are dealt with quicker which helps to build brand loyalty.

Payment options

The coronavirus crisis has put pressure on household budgets, so offering customers more payment options could make it easier for them to buy.

Platforms such as Afterpay give customers the ability to ‘buy now, pay later’. It is expected that these will become more common in 2021 as ecommerce businesses attempt to keep hold of customers during today’s unprecedented economic situation.

Other payment options include mobile services like Apple Pay, while cryptocurrencies could also be added into the mix.

Artificial intelligence

Once a pipedream for science fiction authors, artificial intelligence (AI) is a reality in 2021. One of the major applications is to detect fraud by reviewing receipts, addresses and financial information.

Current systems can be clunky as customers need to input much of the data manually, but the AI technology is advancing rapidly meaning processes will become seamless. Other innovations include chatbots for websites, voice search and supply chain management.

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