Despite having 172 million active users, many sellers and brands have abandoned eBay in recent years. Whether this is due to certain sellers diminishing the reputation or simply because there are lower overall visitors compared to Amazon, sellers could be missing out on a big opportunity to increase their customer base and overall sales.

The number of monthly visits is lower than Amazon however…

The amount of time users and buyers spend on eBay is 50% higher than those that shop on Amazon.  eBay shoppers are often happy to search for their perfect product and there’s a good chance you’re already selling it!

Easy and cheap to start

It can take as little as a few dollars for sellers to get started on eBay thanks to the frequent “no selling fees” promotions they run. So whether you’re curious about getting started, eBay provides an easy, low investment approach possible, and more importantly, profitable with the right types of products being sold. All you need to do is create a profile, link a PayPal account or set up eBay managed payments, take a photo of your selling item, create a listing with details, set your price and then start shipping orders.

Control over merchandising options

If you decide eBay is a channel you’re looking to sell on, the marketplace makes it simple. You can organise your listings in one place and have a unique URL that makes branding easy. The Shop Designer function allows you to completely customise the look of your virtual shop front which means you can create visual cohesion across your entire marketplace presence. There are also preferred shop design suppliers in the market that can help you build your perfect branded store.

Allows for easy customer communication

If a customer has an order issue, eBay makes it easy for you to be able to deal with those concerns and resolve it directly on the monitored marketplace itself. You can even fill in automated answers to potential common questions so you save time with customer service queries.

Variation in sales methods can be great for your profit margin

Initially created as an online auction house, eBay has moved into more traditional selling with the “Buy It Now” feature. For new products, this is the best way to sell, however the auction function can be great if you’re selling used or more rare items. Especially great for auto parts sellers, it’s always worth considering for your higher priced items. Thanks to reserve prices and variable opening bids, it’s generally risk free as well.

These are just some of the perks to selling on eBay. When you’re in eCommerce, finding and expanding your customer base is vital to growth. Working with an established selling channel with an existing base of millions of shoppers ready to buy is a fast route to market without having to spend huge amounts on direct online advertising for your store.


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