Since its inception in 2009, Walmart’s online marketplace opened the doors for third party sellers that complemented existing offers from first party brands. As continues to grow and expand with a 79% ecommerce increase in 2020, the Marketplace function gives sellers a great and effective channel to increase their sales. So what makes it such an exciting opportunity? This blog aims to help you determine if it’s the right channel for you and your business.


Bigger reach means bigger sales

With 120 million unique visitors every month, Walmart is a go-to online shopping destination for people throughout the United States. Combine that with the worldwide name recognition and you have a recipe for ready and willing shoppers. You can get your products out in front of an established audience and bring yourself a whole new customer base.


Brand trust

Walmart’s online marketplace is only available to sellers approved by Walmart. This creates a cultivated and curated community of sellers that customers know they can trust. Unlike other online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, customers at Walmart know that coming to you will mean they’re getting exactly what they’re paying for, and this added element of trust can be that extra factor thing they need to complete their  purchase.


No fees on what you don’t sell

Since Walmart takes pride in ensuring their customers get low prices, it makes sense they want that for their sellers on Walmart Marketplace too! It’s a simple, transparent pricing structure without set up fees or monthly pay outs. You only pay a selling fee on the products you actually sell. The fee varies depending on what you’re selling but starts at as little as 8%.


Ecommerce tools at your disposal

Working with a huge brand means that you get to benefit from their existing branding as well as their seller quality and advertising tools you’d usually need to pay handsomely for. Listing quality tools, top-tier analytics, inventory management and expedited shipping options are all available to sellers to suit their customised logistics offering and paid/promotional advertising options that can help sellers gain added impression share across their product listings while organically boosting conversion rates.


Though the selection process can be quite rigorous, if you have quality products to sell and are looking to enhance your ecommerce presence, Walmart’s online marketplace can be an incredible channel to grow your sales.

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