Many companies such as restaurants, holiday apartments, bars, hairdressers, retailers, and so on are currently unable to fully operate due to COVID-19 lockdown easing. Even though promoting these services directly may seem risky in the current economic landscape, this is actually a perfect time to push ahead with eCommerce advertising. Promoting and advertising your company’s brand online now wiil ensure that any advertisement campaign investment will produce decent momentum for when the restrictions and “commercial shackles” are removed, allowing your business to sail agressively over and above your competition.

It is however impossible to predict how various sectors and markets will shift as the UK economy returns to a semblance of normality in the coming months. What is clear however, is that careful planning for life after lockdown and what is tipped to be a staycation summer in the UK is an important driver for businesses looking to make a return to trading online.

Ecommerce marketers must be able to change their online strategies rapidly and easily, as well as prepare for a potential flurry of domestic trade by making their online and offline sales attractive and diverse as people begin to come out of hibernation.

We offer you some tips to adapt, survive, and thrive with a post lockdown marketing plan.


Consider new ways to communicate with your clients


Email is a wonderful and efficient way for eCommerce stores to connect with their customers and prospects. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to tell people you’re still here, and you’re making a come-back.A quick and simpl email campaign can give you early insights that can aid a wider advertising campaign.

Additionally, mobile SMS has unbeatable read-through rates and brands love the return on investment they get from using it. If you have an app, now is a good time to implement push notifications as part of your omnichannel marketing plan.

Phone screen time has never been higher. This is a chance to reach out to consumers in new ways or perhaps revisit some tried-and-tested communication methods.


Keep a close eye on eCommerce results and reporting


Pay attention to how your clients are responding to your communications by looking at your monitoring KPI dashboards. Are you seeing any changes in their behaviour as lockdown is slowly being lifted? Brands that have combined their eCommerce and omnichannel marketing platforms are benefiting more than ever before.

Ecommerce integrations* allow you to investigate everything from click-through rates to return on investment in great detail. It means you’ll be able to see how engagement has improved to make key decisons on what your next marketing implementations should be.

* the coordination between a company’s front-end eCommerce site and back-end accounting, inventory and complete selling data 

Start Connecting with Your Customers


At the moment, people are yearning for some real human contact. As a result, eCommerce brands that employ a bit of empathy in their ads are seeing a great deal of success. Before submitting your bog-standard campaign, consider your consumer’s needs. Could your ads be customised to help solve a current situation? Is this a campaign that connects with people? Will anything else be more suitable for them?

“Today, brands that personalise their content prove that they care, and consumers react positively.”



Build in More Ecommerce Touchpoints


Even before the lockdown, a vast number of commerce brands quickly moved their stores online and this has intensified competiton. With more online retailers than ever before, attracting potential customers has become more difficult.

As a result, brands that want to thrive must have more touchpoints in the purchase process to keep buyer’s attention. This includes features such as chatbots that can automatically respond to frequently asked questions, reducing the risk of a customer losing interest and moving on.Setting up AI driven exit pop up offers and discount incentives are also key in keeping your customer on site. The more personalisation you can offer to your online buyers journey will help improve the conversion rate of your overal traffic.

Adding these simple touchpoints along the journey improves customer loyalty and gives eCommerce brands a competitive advantage.


Content & Social Media


Things won’t return to normal immediately, and neither should your content. Any changes in guidelines or the general mood of the public should be reflected in your eCommerce content and social media posts and updates. It’s good to advertise your goods or services as long as you keep the current situation in mind.

Right now, inspiring, aspirational, or “stay at home” content is still the best way to maintain appropriacy while being responsive to various situations. This however will change as the situation slowly improves.

Timing and social awareness are more critical than ever before. Try to be responsible and current with your planned online content – particularly if you intend to launch a paid advertising campaign to promote your company and brand to new potential buyers who are unfamiliar with who you are.


To summarise, a robust eCommerce strategy will help your business continue to grow as lockdown is eased off and we attempt to return to our usual way of life. Although concerning, now really is the best time to invest in eCommerce marketing. If you need help building and shaping your brand’s online presence in the coming months, eVolveCommerce provide marketing services that will help develop your advertising strategy whiled driving your business and brand proven results.

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